my story

About me

Like the majority of us, I've had my fair share of ups and downs. Choosing to declutter my brain, I soon realised not one therapy suited all people or situations.

I quickly realised our wonderful brain is very pliable and forgiving as long as we were committed to make things happen. A huge realisation was that no-one and no amount of therapy could make me change... if I didn't want to change. There was no magic wand!!! I am the driver of my motor car. Others were navigators and I could choose to follow their direction or ignore them. My choice. I needed to be committed to my change and accepting of help. That, I found was the secret and key to success.

My dear late mum proved the brain's neuroplasticity when at 84 she had a stroke and the Doctors resigned her to be confined to bed, in full time care for the rest of her life. I worked with her using specific brain and muscle exercises and, along with her commitment and harnessing her wonderful stubbornness, she was walking again within 6 weeks and 95% recovered in 8 months. We were humbled when the head Neurosurgeon apologised to us for his diagnosis as he thought she would never get out of bed, let alone walk again. What we both learnt from this is to never give up and work with what we have towards a better outcome.

I've always liked helping people and have been interested and fascinated with the human psyche and what makes us tick. I was excited when I worked as a trainer and facilitator in a large organisation. Even when in my earlier career I worked in an enforcement role, I was always looking at ways to help rather than wave that big stick.

My approach is to work with YOU, the individual, or the group, and what you bring to the table. I use a variety of approaches including modern and traditional techniques (nothing wrong with the tried and tested if its more suited). The tools I use include counselling, psychotherapy, hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), coaching, and facilitation.

I work with you for positive change and if needed, management of your situation. I use the wholistic approach encompassing the mind~body~spirit. I work with both individuals and groups.

If you are ready for change, contact me to find out how my services may help.