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Some people want to loose weight and others want to gain weight. Battling weight and staying at your healthy weight can be challenging even for the most committed person.

Successful weight loss programs, including the medical route such as gastric banding or sleeves, involves lifestyle, psychological, and behavioural changes. For success you must change what, when and how much you eat, move more including regular exercise, be committed, be motivated, ride through any plateaus, and address and willing to change any psychological, social, and environmental issues relating to that weight. Have I turned you off yet? I invite you to read on...

I offer three weight reduction programs as well as Virtual Gastric Banding.

The "Weight Reduction" program initially takes 4 sessions. This program is better suited for people who are absolutely ready to change their eating pattern and lifestyle routine if they haven't already done so. Cravings, eating portions, healthy foods, exercise, motivation, confidence, and setting goals are only a part of what's included. Successful participants are already committed to their weight loss journey and are ready and willing to work with the therapist and do what's asked of them. As you progress, further sessions are available if you need to get back on track or if you reach a plateau.

If you are ready and committed and don't know where to start then the "Healthy Life Program" may be more suited for you. There are more sessions as this program is about you. As well as encompassing everything in the "Weight Reduction" program it also addresses what's contributing to the weight and your situation and lifestyle. It is highly individualised and highly dependant on you being an active participant in the therapy and making healthy life changes. The more you engage in the program and with the therapist, the quicker your progress and the less sessions you need.

If you are struggling and weight has totally consumed your life with one failure after another, then consider "It's My Time" program. Rather than focus on weight (as that has not worked in the past), our focus is more on you and having a happier and healthier life. This program is highly individualised. Your commitment and action to change is needed for your success. Everything from the first two programs is included and much more.

The Virtual Gastric Band can be added to any of these programs; generally an additional 2 to 3 session.

I've trained in and studied many different weight loss programs and approaches including hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, NLP, Emotional Freedom technique (EFT), different protocols and am an Advance Virtual Gastric Band practitioner. I've talked with many people who have reached their healthy weight, or on their way there, and even people who have just given up. I've even had my own weight reduction battles due to illness, pain, mobility issues, and 'life'. The common consensus is there is no magic wand... or 'quick-fix' … pill or otherwise...

No-one, even the most skilled therapist, mentalist, medical procedure, or anyone for that matter, can make you do anything you do not want to do. It can't be done for you or too you. Don't worry, I've searched and searched for such a program and am yet to find something.

Loosing weight can be hard work and does require your commitment and effort. But it is hugely freeing and rewarding. Even the most committed person has days they need to dig a little deeper. If you can't push through it , then as your therapist, I'm here to help you through those times.

People who do commit to their journey are happier and healthier and achieve more of what they want to do. Their weight is no longer a heavy weight around their neck. They are reaping the benefits and are in control of their life rather than the weight in control of them.

If you would like to know more or just have a chat to find out how my services can help, please give me a call.

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